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Blog > Can you change the color of tile flooring?

Can you change the color of tile flooring?

It is possible to change your tile color with the addition of paint or special coatings, but homeowners are often confused about what those materials are and how the process should be carried out. We are going to look at the question in more detail here today.

Tile flooring colors matter

To change the color of tile, you paint, coat, or refinish the products. Each treatment is different, and there are special considerations with each one. Paint, for example, is not explicitly created for tile and, therefore, does not perform in the way that tile color does.

Refinishing your tile consists of a deep and concise cleaning followed by a high-quality acrylic coating being boded to the surface of the original tile. It goes by many names, including refinishing, reglazing, and resurfacing, and is best left to professional teams for the best results.

The good news is that you don't necessarily have to change the color of your tile because these surfaces rarely fade or become so marred, they require it. Instead, you can keep these surfaces clean and protected, which can include using some aptly placed runners or area rugs to keep your like-new appearance for years to come.

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