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Blog > What carpet colors are considered neutral?

What carpet colors are considered neutral?

If you're looking for the perfect neutral floor covering color, you might have more options than you think. Some everyday neutrals and new trends could work well for you.

Choosing a color that meets your needs or existing decor is essential. Here are some options and considerations as you start your remodeling process.

Beige, brown, and cream

Regarding common neutrality, browns, beiges, and cream colors are always a great choice. These colors offer outstanding versatility in any room, with various walls and decor.

These colors also help cover imperfections, making them harder to spot. In carpeting, they'll also hide crumbs, pet hair, and dust, giving you great results longer.

Gray, greige, and stone colors

Gray is still a modern feature for flooring, especially in hardwood and natural stone. Greige, which combines gray and beige, is a close relative that covers the same trend.

These options also do a great job of hiding wear, dirt, and debris. But regular cleaning keeps them looking and performing well at the same time.

Blue and other cool colors

Blues, greens, and other pastels are another trend that homeowners love. They're perfect for adding a bit of floor covering color without overwhelming your decor scheme.

They also work to blend with a variety of designs or create an eclectic feel. You'll find them a perfect addition to many of your rooms if the color is a match.

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