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Blog > What's the best way to choose carpet flooring?

What's the best way to choose carpet flooring?

When it's time to shop for new carpeting, the process might seem overwhelming. There are so many options and add-ons you might wonder if you'll ever sift through them.

The good news is that there is a way to choose the perfect carpet flooring. And here are some tips that will help you.

Browse the many fiber options

There are several different fibers to choose from, and one may work best for you. And that choice may change as you search for the perfect match for other factors.

Think about your decor matching needs

Most homeowners already have decor options that the new floor covering needs to match. You can then share your needs with an associate who can help you select only possibilities that fit your decor.

You have much more freedom if you're starting from scratch, but you likely have some favorites. If so, share those, and we'll look only at products that meet that need.

Matching your performance needs is important

Durability is paramount because it can also help determine your floor's lifespan. And if you have a busy household, this will be important.

Some carpeting features built-in benefits for stain and odor protection. And you can find a perfect fit even with children and pets in the home.

Visit our showroom for outstanding carpeting

A carpet store should serve all your flooring needs, and Owen Valley Flooring does that. We offer an excellent selection of materials and services to match your needs.

Our service areas include Bloomington, Martinsville, Cloverdale, and Indianapolis. And we invite you to visit our showroom in Spencer, IN, any time you're in the area.

Carpet flooring is what we do, and you'll find impressive options when you visit us. Stop by to speak with an associate and get your remodel started.